Weihang Guo (郭炜航) | About Me

At Lehigh University, where I studied math and computer science, I deeply enjoyed diving into complex mathematical problems, especially in areas like differential geometry and graph theory. However, the allure of autonomous vehicles and robotics was equally compelling. This blend of a love for pure mathematics and a keen interest in robotics led me to get involved with the Lehigh Autonomous Racing team and the Software division of Lehigh Underwater Robotics.

At Rice University, my journey into robotics continued to evolve. I expanded my knowledge in the field, making sure I approached challenges with both a solid theoretical understanding and practical experience.

Robotics, while filled with potential, is still a field of many challenges. The vision of robots being a daily part of our lives remains just that—a vision. Even simple tasks, like biped walking on uneven surfaces or robots operating in unpredictable settings, are still areas of active research. This gap between where we are and where we hope to be is a driving force for me. I believe the world of robotics holds enough challenges and discoveries to fill a lifetime.

Outside of robotics and math, I have a strong passion for fitness, particularly bodybuilding. My interests vary, from enjoying K-pop to settling down with a good book. I’ve always had the dream of taking a solo road trip across the US, inspired by Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road.” Interacting with diverse individuals and learning from different cultures has always enriched my experiences.